I always enjoy Korean travel videos from Where is Dan? but this one was particularly cool because I actually understood a lot of the Korean conversations. The exchanges are pretty basic but - progress.

I decided to take a break from grammar studies and hit up YouTube to “study” something a little more fun. Here’s a roundup:

The vibes with this Korean cafe lofi mix are immaculate and excellent background music for your Korean studies.

Travel vlogger Where is Dan lives in South Korea has a large playlist of Korean-focused content that shows some aspects of Korean that you don’t typically see in these kinds of travel videos. This exploration of a shanty town called Guryong Village is a great example. I also like his basic exchanges with locals in Korean because I can (mostly) follow along.

I haven’t been to Daeho Kalbijjim and Beef Soup yet but it just moved to the top of my list. Their 갈비찜 looks amazing!

Food vlogger Steven Lim (you probably know him from Buzzfeed’s Worth It) is always worth a watch - especially when he’s in South Korea.

Billy and 진영 discuss Korean and American cultural differences. These perspectives are always interesting. I also appreciate the dual Korean/English subtitles!