My Korean Diary AI

I have been working on an AI assistant (You have to be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber to access cutsom GPTs like this) to help myself and other Korean learners. While I did initially build it to help create diary entries it can do quite a bit more:

One of the biggest challenges when writing a daily journal in a new language is vocabulary. The diary assistant helps with that by asking which topic you’d like to write about and then showing you 5 vocabulary words and 3 grammar forms that you could use to express your idea:

This really speeds up the learning process and encourages more writing. The AI assistant will also review and correct your diary entry, or any Korean writing you have:

You can also give it Korean text and it will create a list of the unique Korean words with their English translations. The default output is in markdown format but you can ask it to change the output to a table format that you can paste into a spreadsheet or document if you like:

If you see a grammar form that you don’t understand or recognize you can give the AI the text and it will explain it to you:

It can also act as a teach by explaining and leading you through practice on a range of ~40 beginner to intermediate grammar forms:

It can do the same for vocabulary too: